Welcome to JubJub project

JubJub named after collateral character of the famous poem by L. Carroll. It is a daemon for server side logging of XMPP packages.

JubJub based upon module architecture so it is possible to flexible reassign handlers for different types of XMPP packages.

Originally JubJub was designed for ejabberd server. But probably it can work with other Jabber servers.

Brief project summary

  • Language: Perl
  • Database: MySQL 5.x
  • License: GNU GPLv3
  • Last stable version: 1.1.0

JubJub source code is available via svn:

svn checkout http://devel.ossg.ru/svn/jubjub

You can download latest stable version of JubJub from OSS Group FTP server:

Feel free to contact us with questions, bug reports, feature requests and so on. You can do so by email devel@ossg.ru or using our feedback form on basic OSS Group site.